WebInfo Technologies is a professional Website  developer and maintenance company in Jalandhar. It provide Website Maintenance encompasses every aspect of creating and maintaining your Internet presence. Website design is at the core of this process. It makes your idea a reality.Many items stem from this seed, and like all living things websites need attention. Growth needs to be managed.

Website Maintenance Services

Even most freelance web designers charge between $25-$60 per hour to update content on a website. If you have an HTML Static site you may be pretty safe and only spend a couple hours worth – but, if you have a developed site it can be pricey. Here at Web  Info Technologies Publishing we put the client first by offering low monthly rates. No job too big or small this covers downtime, broken links, adding content such as images or verbiage.

Most companies will hire a full time web developer and the average salary is $40,000 a year just to keep your site up to date with the newest content possible. Think you can literally saves thousands every year just by using our maintenance plans. We are available 24/7 including holidays to make changes to any site, blog or social networks.

Are You Interested?

If the business built its own website, then it will be necessary for someone internally to allow time to keep the information up to date. To have a strong market penetration, it is essential to update your website frequently and we will help you achieve this. All you need to do is buy one of our packages listed here or just Contect Us to know more about our website maintenance services now!